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Nowadays, most of the people in society consider “having a good body” or taking care of the physical aspects more important than developing other aspects of their lives, like professional or intellectual achievements. Being thin is considered by many people as a synonymous with being pretty or healthy, but this is not totally true. As a consequence, overweight or obese people are constantly teased because of their appearance, causing them to develop high levels of depression and anxiety.

Eating disorders in Thailand represent a great stigma attached to mental illness, so a lot of people suffer from this kind of problems in silence. Usually, the lack of information about eating disorders prevents people from knowing all the potential harm that such disorders can cause to their health.

Eating disorders can be defined as negative and persistent eating characterized by extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors that cause weight and health issues, and even death. Eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge eating disorder (or compulsive eating); these diseases impact, not only the health, but the mind.

Actual statistics about eating disorders in Thailand can’t be estimated because, according to the specialists, the people from Thailand don’t even know they have a problem at all. However, experts believe that a lot of Thais, especially women, are affected by eating disorders, because in this country advertisements for products promising a “skinny body” abound.

On the other hand, obesity is also a fast-growing problem in Thailand, this is due to the fact that “Western fast food” has become a trend. The influx of different unhealthy fast food chains associated with “quick fix” options to lose weight, results in a totally unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

An abnormal consumption of food is such a serious problem as it is for alcohol or drugs addiction. If a person has an eating disorder in Thailand, he/she should look for specialized help to overcome this problem. This is why eating disorder retreats in Thailand, like Inspire Center, include treatment for compulsive overeating and specialists in anorexia nervosa, as well as bulimia.

Inspire Rehab Center has the best professional staff and the most comfortable facilities for eating disorder recovery in Bangkok-Thailand. At Inspire Center, we understand that all the eating disorders and patients are different, so we customize the treatment according to the patient needs.

The problem for some people is overeating beyond the natural mechanism of hunger and satiety. They even eat without being hungry, which is called food addiction, compulsive eating or binge eating disorder. For other people, the problem is “the need” of vomiting after eating a lot of food, they regret having eaten so much and induce the vomit to get rid of the food before digesting it, which is known as Bulimia. If that were not enough, the use of laxatives or over-exercise can be added to these disorders, involving serious health problems too.

But, there are also people that have a markedly reduced appetite or total aversion to food; people affected by this disorder can begin with a “normal diet to lose weight”, and with time, it can reach a point close to starvation because they believe that they are still “fat”; this disorder is called Anorexia or Anorexia Nervosa.

Specialists have demonstrated that eating disorders have an obsessive-compulsive component that is controlled by the same biological pathways as drug and alcohol addiction known as the reward system of the brain. This is why a person should look for help when he/she develops a problem of food consumption or abstention.

Eating disorder rehab in Thailand include a quantum transformation of the mind, from addiction to awareness. The specialists at Inspire Center teach the patients different techniques to handle their feelings, sensations, anxiety and depression through a mindfulness that includes non-judgmental observation and listening.

Our anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive overeating therapists also teach the patients different techniques to avoid the relapses; this is possible by increasing the patient’s self-esteem and incorporating a “healthbox” nutritional program into every patient’s diet. This way, all the patients (even those who are vegetarian) learn how to eat in a truly healthy way and can use these tools after their rehab.

Our eating disorder clinic in Bangkok offers patients successful formulas of treatment according to each patient characteristics, including one-on-one and group therapy, smart recovery, as well as tailored individualized treatment plans to help them work through the specific challenges holding them back and preventing relapse.

Food disorder recovery in Thailand includes the careful observation of those patients with potentially dangerous and life-threatening habits. At Inspire Center we always conduct a thorough assessment to ensure that each one of our patients receives the proper support. Bulimia, binge eating disorders, and anorexia nervosa treatment centers in Thailand provide a full medical team to our patients, including eating disorder specialists, dieticians and caregivers to ensure that a coordinated response is always available according to the patient needs.

Eating disorder clinics in Bangkok are usually expensive, but in Inspire Center we consider that helping people with eating disorders in Thailand is more important, so we offer the best attention with high-quality treatment, performed by licensed professionals at an affordable price. This way the patient’s recovery is not a heavy financial burden on the individual and to his/her family.

Controlling the internal environment is fundamental for patients with eating disorders, because for these people a simple act as manipulating food and eating becomes synonymous of controlling their feelings, anxiety, and fears. In our eating disorder clinics in Bangkok our specialists teach the patients how to deal with this emotional stress. Likewise, psychological treatment is important to reach a full recovery; our patients are able of recovering their friendly and familiar relationships, and they can also reach new professional achievements.

If you need help with an eating disorder or you know somebody who needs it, don’t be afraid, you can rest assured that at Inspire Center we will collaborate with you by treating you at your own pace, focused on your individual needs and helping you to recover the control of your life.

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